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Our family is neither big, not small. I have a father, a mother and a sister (brother). My father is 40. He is a tall man with dark (fair) short hair. He works in oil industry (in construction, in the North, as a driver, as a driller, as an operator).

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Twenty years ago, the typical extended family was ‘wide’. People had lots of aunts and uncles but often didn’t know their grandparents. The family groups of the future will be ‘long and thin’, with three or four small generations.

1 Most children will know their great-grandparents (and even great-great-grandparents) because people are living longer.

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     Our family is large. It consists of eight people. These are: my mother, my father, my sisters, brother and I. My mother's name is Antonina Fedorovna. She was 50 years old. She is a very good and kind mother. My father's name is Nikolay Dmitrievich. He 53 years. He works as a bus driver. He is tall. His hair is short and dark. He has a round face. Eyes are big and grey.

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