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Sport has been increasingly organized and regulated from the time of the Ancient Olympics up to the present century. The Industrial Revolution and mass production increased leisure time which led to increases in spectator sports, and resulted in greater accessibility of sports. These trends continued with the development of mass media and global communication. Professionalism became prevalent, adding to the increase in sports' popularity. Sports started to be looked upon as a useful recreation and a way of having fun and taking a break from a workday or relieving stress. The revival of the Olympics in 1896 boosted many forms of amateur sports, and professional sports (such as baseball, boxing, and bicycle racing) drew large numbers of spectators.

People who are fond of sports can be roughly subdivided into two groups: those who prefer watching competitions and those who like to do sports. The first group is more numerous than the second one, and consists mostly of people who watch competitions in the so-called spectator sports, that is sports which attract large crowds of spectators. Spectator sports may be professional sports or amateur sports. The second group consists of people who take part in the so-called participant sports, which are more recreational and therefore amateur. For instance, basketball is a spectator sport, while hunting or underwater hockey typically is not.

As for me, I prefer doing sports to watching them. The first reason is that I am an active person by nature and I can't stand sitting or standing for hours on end doing nothing. The second one is that I am a firm believer in benefits sports can bring. Most people in industrialized countries live a sedentary life,their lifestyles lack movement, which can have harmful effects on their health. The only way to stay healthy is to do some sport and keep fit. That is why I have been doing this or that sport regularly since I was 5. Firstly, as my Mum says, it has given me a chance to develop a heavy build and shape my figure. Secondly, it helps me keep fit which is very important this year when I am leaving school and getting ready for the entrance exams at the institute. It helps me always be in high spirits as physical exercise normally makes you feel good. I have been doing swimming since I was 7 when my father took me to a swimming pool and I joined the Dynamo sports club. It was my wish to take up this kind of sports, and my parents approved of my choice. I think it is the best sport for building up stamina and a good figure, and a good way to get tempered. It's very good for your nerves, too: to go swimming is the best method of taking away the stress of our everyday life.



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