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  Unexpected end of the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014: Russia conquered all again! We were able to organize everything at the highest level as it was in Moscow in 1980. But did everyone think so?

     In my opinion, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was great.  There were spectacular show, which included great scenery, steamed over the stage, dance and musical performances. And all together it showed the history of the Russia. Of course, there were mistakes, but organizers were able to make it as a joke at the closing ceremony, which was also gorgeous.

     To confirm my point of view, I found some online testing, which showed that Russia 80% coped with the tasks. And many of foreign people wrote their reviews. For example, Dallas Robinson, an American bobsledder, praised Russia: “It should be noted all the fab volunteers, security guards... Need to understand what they sacrificed for us. Thank you so much!".

     But some people claime Russia’s government spent a lot of money for the Olympic Games. They really think that officials took away money for their own benefit.

     In contrast want to remind how many hotels were built specifically for athletes and others, how many officers were involved. Moreover, Dmitry Kozak, the curator of the Games, said in an interview about the level of security in Sochi: "He's no worse than in New York, London and Washington”.

     In conclusion I want to say that Russia demonstrated its capabilities worthy, and I hope that after these successful Games, stupid stereotypes about Russia will be erased.


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