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Nowadays the “Forth Estate” is an inseparable item of our fast-moving world; the world of high technology, of international business, fast-growing economy, international tourism. The media helps people to know the latest news. We must admit that people depend on the mass media a lot. Today we can get full information about everything what is happening in the world. Being at the other world's end we can be well informed about military operations in Iraq, we can follow the presidential elections in the USA, we can be in the know of the latest researches being held on the Moon, we can learn about the latest inventions in the world of technology, we can even get to know the gossips from the life of celebrities.

                        So, without doubts, the mass media is an enormous corporation, the existence of each is invaluable.

                        The only negative side of the mass media is that it not only reflects our reality and shows the real state of things but also influences our society a lot. It can influence people’s taste and even political views. It can impose on people certain ideas.

                        Another stumbling block is that people lose the sense of reality. They start to depend on the means of the mass media so much, that later can’t imagine their life without them. They become victims of the biased views, of the silly advertisements, of the smutty magazines or porn films. They spend hours staring at the photographs in the newspapers and reading its scrappy paragraphs or watching dirty scenes. People are very naive in their nature; they are ready to listen everyone and to follow the fashion without having a personal opinion.

                        We see how greatly people may be influenced by means of mass media. That everything in their life becomes connected with press, radio, cinema.

                        To cover everything up, I should say that without doubts the “4th Estate” is one of the greatest creations of the 20th century. It’s a big source of getting information, it broadens our outlook and helps to know the latest news but it shouldn’t be the only background of which we form our view.


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