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     The media – a system of visual communication, verbal communication, audio information which covers the mass audience and has the form of a periodic distribution. The types of media include: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, Internet, etc.


     I would like to write an essay how the mass media influences on mass consciousness.

First of all, I believe that the media - is a kind of market where you can order a product (service). That is, influential people, such as politicians and famous people prefer to manage and manipulate public opinion and people. In my opinion, unfortunately, we do not have independent media, as presently govern them and do everything for their benefit. But the media try to hide it and create the appearance that they are independent and incorruptible.

     I think that the media affects society both positively and negatively, there are pluses and minuses. The most important advantage of the media is that the person receives a lot of useful information. Another of the advantages is that - thanks to mass media, we learn about life and culture of various countries and people. But along with the positive aspects, there are also negative aspects. I believe that most strongly influenced by television, as most people are visuals, ie the main information obtained visually. Now there is an era of information warfare. Also, first of all it depends on the person, depends on suggestibility. Unfortunately, society can not check whether this information is accurate.

     As the last example, it is possible to describe one case which occurred in China. According to media reports, China's journalist published an article in a well-known newspaper - that China's financial market will soon crash, although there was no signs it. But this article was enough to make China's financial market has fallen by 20%. That is an example of the media in the modern world.


     In conclusion, I would like to encourage journalists to cover the real events, facts and provide objective information, as I believe that journalists in the articles should not rely on their personal opinion.


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