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Contemporary people often think about how be successful in all periods of life.

All people start to think what will be great for their success. Someone chooses to go to university, others do business or find their own way.We often think what will be great for us but we don't want to do something. It's the first step why we can't be successful because we don't want to make a decision. We want to think about what will be great for me not what I must do to be successful.The fist step that people must do is to change their mind if they want be successful.The second step is that humans must start to work hard because in the modern world people don't want to work, they want to sit at home watching movies and speaking about why life is so hard and why it is so hard be successful in life.

  I want to be a success in life and try to be more motivated, more disciplined because if I am not disciplined I can't be successful in this life, as we live only once and we must get everything from this life.For example,I wanted a new iPhone 5S and I started to change my mind, I took purpose to get an iPhone, it was the first step, the second step was to find work where I can earn good money for my iPhone, and the last step was to start working hard. And after 4/four weeks I earned money for my iPhone; it was the fist item that I earned money for myself. It was the first experience how to make money.

The next period of my life is studying in the BCC. This period often taught me to solve my own problems in a different country. In this country people’s lives differ from those in my own country. I am studying to understand American people because sometimes I can’t understand them as they think so much differently than me. But this is a life experience, experience is the main part of the success. You can't be a success if you don't have experience. For example, if you want to open your business for selling cars, you always will make a mistake because you never ever have experience in this deal but if you will do car business again your mistake will help you to be a success as you will know what will be your next step. And you never ever repeat the same mistake because you know the result.

When I will get a degree in surgery it will be my main success because I want to save people lives. If I study every day biology, chemistry, physiology, microbiology, maybe sometimes I don't want to do this: I don’t want to sit at home not go anywhere and spend all my free time for study. But I study because I want to help people as this makes me happy. Happiness and success are the same words because you never will be happy if you choose not your way as you can't be successful in this deal because you do not take the job that makes you happy.

For instance, my friend John wants to be a businessman but his father always told him you can't be a businessman because you don’t know how to do business, and he listened to his father and went to college and got a degree as a sports manager and now he is 40 years old and lives with his father and his salary is 10$ per hour and he spends all his youth for a job which he doesn't love because success and happiness are the same words.

In conclusion,we have so many factors that influence our success, such as happiness, our mind, ideas, how we love our job, but these are only factors, people make a decision and we control our life, not the situation, not other factors. And we choose what success means for us. Success for some people is to be a millionaire, and for others success is to want to have a strong family. Each chooses what it means to be successful. And we need to take responsibility for our choices because they get us where we want or don’t want to go in life.                  




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