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  1. Just as there are different ways of describing and act of behavior, there are also different approaches to psychology.
  2. One approach to the study of human beings attempts to relate their action to events talking place inside the body, particularly within the brain and the nervous system.
  3. This approach specifies the neurobiological processes that underline behavior and mental events.
  4. The next are as follows: behaviorism, psychoanalysis and the humanistic school view.
  5. The behavioristic view focuses on the observable behavior of man.
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  1. Psychology is one of the most rapidly developing social sciences, touching almost every aspect of our lives.
  2.  It has as its principal focus the individual human being with special emphasis on the inner life, the personality the patterns of thought consciousness and behavior.
  3. Society is turning more and more to psychology to answer of the serious human problems of our day and age.
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  1. Now one feels about himself affects not only the content of his thinking but the way he thinks.
  2. A person who has a positive self-concept tends to spend more time thinking about his good qualities and his success experiences.
  3. A man with an essentially negative self-concept spends more time thinking of his failures in life and his inadequacies as a person.
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  1. All parts of the Nervous System are interrelated.
  2. But for purposes of anatomical discussion, it can be separated into the following divisions and subdivisions.
  3. The Central Nervous System includes all the nerves in the brain and spinal cord and it contains the majority of the body’s neurons.
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Is there anything more important than health? I don't think so. "Health is the greatest wealth," wise people say. You can't be good at your studies or work well when you are ill.

If you have a headache, heartache, toothache, backache, earache or bad pain in the stomach, if you complain of a sore throat or a bad cough, if you run a high temperature and have a bad cold in your head, or if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, I think you should consult a doctor.

The doctor will examine your throat, feel your pulse, test your blood pressure, take your temperature, sound your heart and lungs, test your eyes, check your teeth or have your chest X-rayed.

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