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Now all people think about their health. They start to live a healthy life. To lead a healthy lifestyle must be followed daily, eat only healthy foods, exercise and play sports, go to bed early and get up early to observe personal hygiene, to abandon bad habits, harden, be outdoors, and especially a lot of laugh. From that list, I think the most important thing is to eat only healthy food, go to bed early and get up early and laugh a lot. Doctor Of ... advises us to eat healthy foods with vitamins, proteins and useful substances. In order not to harm the body needs to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, to limit myself in butter-fried, smoked fish and fatty. Great food does not mean that it is useful. Calmness, silence, rest, sleep is very useful for our healthy lifestyle. you got to be nervous, less able to monitor others, less get sore and more relax, nerve cells are not restored when you sleep, your brain and your body is resting and not working, thou art loosed from all negative emotions. So The Doctor ... advises you plenty of sleep, and you need to go early and get up early. If you do not vyspishsya, all day you will feel tired. And if you sleep a lot of pillows under your eyes will appear. So sleep as much as you need 8-9 hours. "Good dreams!"the parting shot Doctor says ... The Laughter! The Joy! Positive! This is the most important thing in our lives. Doctor Of ... advises more laugh because smile extends the life of man.х


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