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From birth until about the age of four, the whole of the child's emotional needs and their expression and satisfaction are centred on the mother. It is as though the child were still in many ways contained within the mother, in so far as her personality and her feelingsintervene (of necessity) between the child and his experience of any form of outside reality, and may powerfully influence his response to such experience. At birth that part of his nervous system responsible for delivering incoming messages in the form of sensations to his brain is relatively completely developed, but his capacity for correlating and interpreting them is negligible, and his ability to control the motor or expressive side of his mind and body is quite unformed even if he knew what he wished to do with it. But the continual bombardment of sensory experience* to which he is subjected during his waking hours, and the constant and inevitable sorting and assimilation of these experiences for which his brain is equipped, leads him within a matter of months to recognize first that there is a part of life and experience which is permanently with him, and a part, constantly fluctuating, which is in some way beyond and outside him


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