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There are some ways of management of a stress. It is possible to remove a stressful factor, or to change a psychological environment in which there is a person. There are organizational and individual methods of control over a stress. Organizational methods include: improving programs for employees; change of a working environment, etc. To individual methods carry: psychological (change of an environment in which there is a stress; change of an informative assessment of an environment; behavior change for environment change) and physiological methods (improvement of a physical condition of the person for the purpose of increase of efficiency of fight against a stress).

We can choose optimum strategy of permission of a conflict situation in our organization: leaving from the conflict, power methods, style of cooperation, aspiration to understand position of other party, aspiration to a compromise. We can choose style of a compromise for the solution of conflict situations in the organization. Style of a compromise - its essence is that the parties try to settle issues, making reciprocal concessions. This style is most effective when both parties wish same. When using this style the emphasis is placed not on the decision which satisfies interests of both parties, and on option with which everyone could agree.


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