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Essay "Is it necessary to enter the capital punishment in Russia?"

Written by Diachkovskaia Kunneie


Many people think that it is necessary to enter the capital punishment in Russia but others do not agree. But it is a well-known fact that's many men, many minds. So let us consider what the advantages and disadvantages of the capital punishment are.
 One argument in support of the capital punishment is actually reducing crime.  If many criminals are scared of the capital punishment there would be less crime in our country. Secondly, ordinary people could pay less taxes, which would use to contain prisons, who sentenced to life imprisonment for a felony.

 One should, nevertheless, consider the problem from another angle. The main weakness of the capital punishment is irreversibility. There were many cases, when criminal, who was indicted as guilty, was acquitted some time later. And furthermore, one should not forget that our court system is not perfect and there are many innocent persons in prisons. Perhaps we should also point out the fact that in Russia some acts of felony (for example, murder) may be sentenced to 7-25 years imprisonment or even a few years probation (of course, it's possible if you have enough money to employ good advocate). On the other hand, some petty crime may be sentenced to very strict penalty. For example, there was very scandalous case few years ago, when the son of senior official knocked down a woman and was acquitted. Woman died but he didn't get any sentence. I think that's totally unacceptable.

 And we can't ignore the fact, that judge is human too and as all ordinary people he can make any mistakes. But for some people these mistakes would be irreparable.

 Moreover, we live in a country in which dominates the corruption. Everyone, who have enough money to bribe the judge, can easily get probation or even get a verdict of not guilty. So those, who really deserves the capital punishment never would have it.

 That is why, I offer to improve our courts system inside. Only when laws will become to act on everyone equally the entering of the capital punishment will be reasonable.


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