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A very popular pastime is eating out in a restaurant. In most towns there is a wide variety of restaurants serving different types of food a different types of food at different prices.

In a restaurant, as well as in the kitchen, there are also different kinds of jobs. The person who seats the guests is called manager, or a hostess, if a woman. In the restaurant with a very formal style of service, the captain also takes the guests’ orders. The meals are served by waiters or waitresses. In the less formal restaurants, the waiters and waitresses take orders and serve the meals. Most restaurants also employ busboys, who pour water, clear and set tables, and perform other similar chores. In some restaurants, however, the waiters and waitresses carry out these tasks. In an elaborate restaurant, there is often an employee called the wine steward, who recommends orders for wine and sometimes for other alcoholic drinks. One of the most important people at restaurant the cook, it is responsible for cooking. When you finish eating ask the waiter to bring you the fill. In most restaurants a service charge (10 – 15 %) is added into the total sum that’s why it’s not necessary to give the waiter a tip. Finally, there are cashiers who receive payment or signed bills from the guests.


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