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It's a well known fact that hotels nowadays play a big role. Every year more and more new hotels are opened.

Sometimes it is even difficult to decide which to choose while traveling. There are luxury hotels, which seem to be expensive, b & b hotels, where you will get only breakfasts and a place to sleep, youth hostels, where you meant to serve everything yourself and many other places to stay in. Some people enjoy staying in a hotel. Sure, on the one hand there are a lot of advantages in it. To begin with, it's convenient. You have a chance to make a telephone call and reserve any room you want in a good time, to be confident by your arrival. Besides, you don't need to serve yourself, everything will be done by the hotel staff, I find it wonderful. More than that, I do like that in the hotel you can be offered some interesting excursions and you can be sure that they are safe because the hotel is responsible for every offer.

But on the other hand there are still some disadvantages in staying in a hotel. First of all, the service can be poor and slowly, for this reason you can be late for a business meeting or a friends' party, I find it extremely disappointing. Second, the food can be too salty, overcooked and etc...spoiled. It can be a serious problem for people with weak stomach. Third, the view from the window can be not so romantic as the advertisement said but more modest, it can also disappoint some people, who care about the beaty around them.

Personally I'm for staying in a hotel inspite of all disadvantages. It`s only a freak of chance, everything can happen. So before booking a hotel, you'd better learn some facts about it in the net or from your friends for sure. Last summer I stayed in a hotel in Turkey, everything was up to date, wonderful service, tasty food and friendly staff. In general I am only for staying in a hotel, this will save your money, time and will be convenient.


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