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I’d like to tell you about the institute I study at . It’s full name is Krasnoyarsk Institute of Railway Transport, Krasnoyarsk Brunch of Irkutsk State Railway Transport  University. My institute is not very old, it was founded in 1955.

It’s first Rector’s name was Alex Dvor.

The Krasnoyarsk Railway Institute is one of the centres of training qualified specialists with higher education for Krasnoyarsk Railway.  Engineers , managers and economists are trained on 11 specialities:

-         Railway construction

-         Electric power supply

-         Wagons and coaches

-         Automation and telecommunication facilities

-         Economics

-         Accounting andaudit

-         Safety of technological processes

-         Electric transport

-         Information systems

-         Human resource management

My institute is large and we have several buildings.  I am a second year student. My speciality is Human resource management.

My future speciality is great but difficult to study. My institute gives a solid background in all spheres of knowledge and prepares for practical work.

We study various subjects – humanities, technical subjects, economic subjects, sciences.

The academic year is divided into two terms. The students take  credit tests and exams at the end of each term.

The course of studies at my institute lasts for 5 years. In the fifth course our students are to submit their diploma theses.


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