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MADI was founded in 1930. The main aim of the University is the preparation of highly qualified specialists.Professors and lecturers of the University are the authors of a big amount of textbooks and tutorials. A lot of them are accepted by institutions of higher education in our country. Several of them are translated from Russian into foreign languages. The training of personnel is led on 3 departments: day-time, evening and correspondence. MADI has 8 faculties, which provide preparation in 22 specialities with the common contingent about 10 000 people The advanced students of the day-time department get grants.The apprenticeship in day-time department is 5 years, in evening department - 5 years and 9 months

Students studying for first level learn technical subjects, sciences and humanities, they have lectures and seminars. On the second level students get vocational training Those who pass examinations successfully are given the Bachelor's degree After that they can work or continue studying at the University Those who complete the third level are given the Engineer degree Master’s degree is the highest degree. It is given for some original research work, which is an important contribution to knowledge.     mm

The institute is provided with such modem technical training aids as films, radio, television, computes and so on. Much attention is paid to the last achievements in the fields of electronics and automation.

MADI has a hostel, which is situated not far from the Institute Many people from other countries and from different regions of Russia live there.

The cultural life of the Institute is very interesting. The students take part in amateur performances, they make different concerts and festivals,

they go on trips and voyages.

I like my institute, I think it is interesting to study here.


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