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Hello. Our presentation is dedicated to the popular programming language – objective-c.  We are going to touch upon its distinguishing  features, advantages and disadvantages. We will also pay attention to iOS & OS X ide(Integrated Development Environment) , which is called Xcode.01)

The Plan of the Presentation :

  • Introduction.
  • Possible problems and their solutions.
  • Recommended literature and Internet resourses.
  • Conclusion. Some advice to beginners.

But before we come  up  to the main topic of our report we’d like to ask you a question. Imagine that you have bought a new gadjet. You‘ve tested it’s abilities and played some exciting games. Haven’t you ever wanted to understand how these applications work? Haven’t you ever had  a desire to create something special for your device by yourself? I mean some usefull application  which could  help you daily?

Once we thought about it and decided to share  some ideas on how it would be better to start. In our presentation we will tell you about the applications development for such  famous Apple’s gadjets as iphone, ipad and macbook. But there will be some difficulties from the very beginning. And the first problem you will face is the lack of nesessary  equipment. You may develop for ios and os x only if you have a macbook, Mac Pro or a PC with Intel’s processor,  because only these have the ability to emulate the image of original OS X’s system on your computer. Os X and iOS  are Apple’s operation systems. You need an original Apple’s system to be able to work with iOS’s & OS X’s ide(Integrated Development Environment) , which is called Xcode.

 It is necessary to point out that Xcode is not only an application language compiler for Apple gadjets but also a full- fledged environment for such languages as Си, Си-Шарп, РаббионРэилз and others. It also provides the opportunity to test the application in a simulator without  uploading  the project to the device. Apart from code, Xcode makes it possible to develop the application interface.

 The second problem is learning the programming language in which the applications are developed. The programming language for  Apple’s company programmes is called  Objective-C.

Though Objective-C was created on the basis of C language, it has a has a range of differences. The first and the most important is that Objective-C is message-oriented, which is much more important from the point of view of ООП.

The developments for ios and os x systems are becoming more and more popular not only among professionals but also among the begginers. For this purporse Apple has made developer.apple.com- a huge resource  where everyone can find relevant literature issued by the company. It deals not only with the development but also with the design of your application. You are offered master-classes from leading software developpers as well as online lectures of the leading US educational establishments. The two major books which will help you get inside are : "Become an Xcoder" and "RoadMapIos". 

When it comes to a high quality application both the code realisation and the design of the software matter. It is obvious that the demand for your product depends not only on it’s functional qualities but also on it’s interface. You should follow some guidlines according to which the location of such objects as the buttom HOME and search line must be in the definite place otherwise even the most interesting application wouldn’t find its customer.

As soon as you have read all the nessessary books and got the relevant information you may still be unable to choose what application to develop. Our advice is to think over what programme you lack. It may even be a humble one adding beautiful frames to photographs or smth else like that.

To make sure you are not doubling the existing product enter appstore and look it through.  Do not give up even if the idea seems too conventional to develop. Among 6 billion people inhabbiting our world there are no doubt  those who will like it. There are a lot of examples when ideas that seemed hopeless initially were a success later.



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