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Nowadays we can't imagine our life without advertising. It has become an essential part. Advertisements can be seen everywhere: in directories, billboards, leaflets and so on.People think advertising is a waste of money. It is not at all. Advertising is one of many ways in which manufacturers persuade customers to buy their product. In today’s world people are bombarded with advertising. We haven’t got time to make judgments on which can of tomatoes is the best one for me, or which brand of coffee gives me the best flavor. So when we are shopping and we see product of well known company on the shelf we will remember it. It is front of mind. For example, person needs a coffee, he sees Jacobs and thinks: “I have seen that, that is good, isn’t it” – and he just buys it. It is an automatic response, he don’t spend more than 2 or 3 seconds making a choice.

Advertising company is an organizations programme of advertising activities over a particular period with specific aims, for example an increase in sales.

TV advertising is the most glamorous but the other media are not to be ignored: radio, cinema, the press.

Nowadays millions of people are influenced by TV commercials. Many famous actors’ sportsmen and sportswomen endorse different goods – from napkins (детские пеленки) to cars. Large companies spend a lot of money on commercials. There is actually not much difference  between Colgate and Blendax toothpaste. The purpose of advertising  is to pusuade consumers that the product of one company is better than the same product of another company.

The world or outdoor advertising billboards transport and street furniture is about 6% of all the world’s spending on advertising. But it has doubled its market share in resent years. Particularly attractive to the new advertises is street furniture, the fastest growing segment of the outdoor market.

Friends and colleagues are often our most reliable sources of information. Word of mouth is usually free. All the advertiser can do is hope that it is positive. The  example of influence of word of mouth we could see in Japan on the toy company responsible for Tamagotchi. Tamagotchis first public appearance was in a test marketing exercise on the street of Japanese city. The schoolgirls who saw it were so impressed, they told all their friends and the first few batches of Tamagotchi were sold out immediately. Such is the power of word of mouth.

Advertising campaign is an organization’s program of advertising activities over a particular period with specific aims, for example, an increase in sales or awareness of a product.

The most important thing nowadays is to be able to gain the consmers attention. It's very difficult because there is so much competition out here. Campaigns have to cut through all the competition and the competitive clutter and they have to be able to involve their target audience. And now I'd like to tell you about the most successful ad campaign. Nike has created some of the world's most attention- grabbing advertisign. It is “good vs evil” campaign. This is commercial for Nike where good guys (the all star players of Europe) take on devil figures and beat them. And also two advertisemets both for World Cups and the ad “tag”, last year's Cannes grand prix winner. Other famous ads star Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi playing in the streets of Manhattan; Tiger Woods playing “keepy-uppy” with gofl ball; and Brazil's team playing soccer at the airport termnal.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that advertising became a very interesting subject in our life changing our traditions

Involving in our community trying to sell a huge numbers of products by touching in specialty teenagers and attract them.

A massive competition has been in issue among these companies spending billions of dollars to realize their personal targets by changing people's lives.


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