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Michael Korda   

There are rules, they are the same for everybody. The rules of power do not change. The first rule is simple. Perform every act as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered. No matter how small the task, we have to teach ourselves that it matters. If we are going to intervene in a meeting, we must do so at the right moment, prepare for what we want to say, speak up at the crucial point when our intervention will be heard and listened to, make sure that attention is paid. Otherwise, it's best to remain silent. It's better to do nothing,'than to do something badly.

Second rule: never reveal all of yourself to other people, hold something back in reserve so that people are never quite sure if they really know you. Once we know everything about a person, we have squeezed him dry like a juiced orange, he is no longer of any use or interest to us.

 Third rule- learn to use time, think of it as a friend, not an enemy. Don't waste. it in going after things you don't want. Powerful people devote exactly as much «time to what they are doing as they need to or want to. They don't try  to answer two telephones at once, or begin a meeting and then end It before a conclusion has been reached because "time has run out", or interrupt one conversation to begin another. They are willing to be late, to miss telephone calls, and to postpone todays work to tomorrow  if they have to. Events do not control them - they control events.Fourth rule: learn to accept your mistakes. Don't be a perfectionist about everything. ,'Powerful people accept the necessity of taking risks and of being wrong. They don't waste time justifying their mistakes, either, or trying to transform them into correct decisions.

Last rule: don't make waves, move smoothly without disturbing things. Half the art of power lies in arranging for things to happen the way we want them to, just аз a good hunter stays in one place and draws the game towards him, instead of wearing himself out pursuing it. The skills of the hunter are not out of place in our world: they must merely be applied differently.


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