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What profession to choose? This question is the most important and difficult for everybody. Every job is both interesting and difficult. I think all professions are very important in our life. But to choose the right occupation is very difficult because we must consider many factors. We must consider our personal tastes and at the same time we must satisfy the requirements of our society and people's needs in one profession or another. As for me, I have already made my choice.

Some people keep family traditions and choose the profession of their parents. Very often the choice of a profession is made by young people themselves. Some may prefer to work in factories and big plants, others can work in the sphere of services, transport, communications or business.

My hobby is computers. I think computers will be popular and modern not only now but also in future. That's why I want to be a programmer. Our University gives an opportunity to students to get much knowledge in computers. It provides us with modern equipment and special auditoriums. The teacher's staff is well-qualified and many of them are graduates of our faculty.

Nowadays the profession of a programmer is very useful. If you can communicate with a computer, you can find much information. All modern branches of industry are computerised and for excellent work of this system they need specialists, that is programmers.



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