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I am going to tell you about my future profession. Choosing a career and getting a job are two things, any person passes through in his life.

When millions of young people leave school, they begin an independent life. Some of them start working, go into business; some of them keep upgrading their schooling to receive higher education.

Young people can learn about professions in magazines and advertisements. Magazines for teenagers often offer questionnaires, quizzes to help young people to find out their interests and abilities more clearly and to make a decision concerning their future occupation.

While choosing a career one should take into consideration all main possibilities that his future profession might provide: the profession must be interesting, one have to be sure of his future (that means that one will be able to find a job after his graduation from the university or institute), a profession must be well-paid, otherwise you won't be able to support yourself and your future family.

During our school life, we begin to think about our future life, our job. There are many professions in the world, so it is quite difficult to choose and make a decision. Some follow their own choice; some follow parent's advice, because they can help concerning future plans. I never had a question, what I was going to do, when I was finishing my school. I have known it since being a child that I want to bean interpreter. I have chosen this profession, because the importance of foreign languages and foreign cultures is growing nowadays. Foreign languages are needed as the main and the most efficient means of information exchange between the people on our planet. Although there are 3000 languages on the Earth, English is the most universal and widely spread. It is the language of science and technology, trade and cultural relations and business. It is the universal language of international aviation, shipping, sports and medicine. English is the official language in nearly forty countries. It is spoken by more than 350 million people and also spoken as a second language in many parts of the World. Besides, millions of people study English as a foreign language. In our country English is very popular. It is studied at schools, colleges and universities.

It is important for me to learn English because I want to know what is going on in the world. With recent advances in technology, the world is changing rapidly in many fields, such as business, arts and medicine. These changes will affect people soon and it's important forme to read and keep up with these changes. In fact, lea riling English is the answer to a lot of the questions that I have.

In conclusion, I would like to say it is a great advantage of choosing our future career being a school pupil. It gives us a goal and enables us to choose a right, suitable course of study. It gives u.s time to be prepared. Also, I'd like to mention that if we don't think about our future, nobody will think, so we just can have one way. We must work hard to realize our wishes, because future is purchased by the present.

If you want something be done well, do it yourself, make a right decision.



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