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Eduard Jenner


Eduard Jenner was an English physician, the discover of vaccination. He was born at Berkeley,Gloucestershiro. Jenner studied medicine in London, at St. George`s Hospital, and had practice in Berkeley, when he was 24 years old. Hesled to the discavery of vaccination against smallpox. Today smallpox is practically unknown in civilized countries, but in the 18th century the whole world feared smallpox. On May 14, 1796 Eduard Jenner accomplished one of the most important tasks in the History of medicine. He vaccinated a boy with smallpox/several weeks later the boy became absolutelly healthy. In 1798 he published an account calling his new method “vaccination” from the Latin world “vacca” meaning “a cow”. Very soon theve was no part of the world that does not take up vaccination. Eduard Jenner died at Berkelly in 1823 aged 74.


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