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Cleopatra was on the birth the Egyptian;  by origin and to ancestors it was the Greek woman.  Thus, though Alexandria and delta of Nile became a scene of the most important events in its stories, in her veins Macedonian blood flew.  Its character and actions are allocated with the genius, courage, originality, and impulsiveness of a tribe from which it came.  Events of its history, on the other hand, and specific type of its adventures, her sufferings and sins, were defined by circumstances with which it was surrounded, and influence which was directed on it in that soft and sensual climate where there were events of its early life.

Egypt always was considered physically as the most remarkable country on the globe.  It is a long and narrow valley of greens and the fertility, completely isolated from other part of the suitable world for housing.  Actually, it is more isolated, than any island as deserts are more impassable, than the seas.  Existence of Egypt is very surprising phenomenon.  If we could soar up in air on wings of an eagle, and look down at a landscape to observe action of this great and at the same time and simple process by which this long and remarkable valley so generously abounding with animal and vegetable life, and annually coming to life and being updated, among surrounding deserts of silence, desolation and death is created, we would look at it fixedly with never passable admiration and pleasure.  We have no wings of an eagle, but generalizing conclusions of science give us their some kind of substitute.

Long series of patient, careful and judicious supervision, which nearly two and a half thousand years proceed already, yields to us results, at which help and thanks to our powers of imagination we can attentively to survey all scene, in certain respects like that would give us direct and effective sight if we could look down at a landscape from prospect sight of an eagle.  However for us it is a little humiliating to understand for our pride that long philosophical researches and scientific searches eventually only certain

 substitute of wings.  The human reason connected to couple of wings, resolved a riddle of Egypt in a week;  while the science, philosophy and the researches chained to a terrestrial surface, spent twenty centuries for enterprise implementation. Eventually it became clear that both existence of Egypt, and its strange island isolation among boundless open spaces of a dry and scorched earth, depend about


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