There are many different holidays in the world. Holidays an be religious and seular, national and loal, offiial and unoffiial. The most popular international holiday is New Year.
It is a family holiday. This day it is quite normal to give and reeive presents. Most adults and hildren love it. People believe that a mirale is a must on this day. They also onvined that if New Year begins well it will ontinue like that. Usually on New year people visit their friends or stay at home and wath TV. The daning goes on all night.
In our ountry it is elebrated on the 1st of January. The oming of it is elebrated with a New Year Tree, presents, Grandpa Frost and a hearty meal. In Russia New Year is toasted in hampagne at family gatherings.
In Sotland New Year’s Eve is alled Hogmanay. Most differenes in Eyropean traditions are onneted with a meal or speial food. Food is essential beause most people prefer to stay up all night to welome New Year.
In Switzerland speial bread, rih in butter, eggs and raisins is baked and a roasted goose is ooked.
In Spain there is a ustom to eat 12 grapes at midnight.
In Greese many people play ards believing that they will be luky the whole year if they win.
In Turkey most people elebrate this holiday in restarants all nght long.
So, New Year is a holiday whih is elebrated in many ultures. But traditions of elebrations are different.


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