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Essay "Jules Verne"


Jules Verne was a French geographer and writer, a classic of adventure literature, one of the founders of science fiction, and a member of the French Geographical society.

Jules Verne was born 8 February 1828 in the ancient city of Nantes, located on the banks of the Loire. This is one of the largest ports of France, where ocean-going sailing vessels made voyages to the distant shores of different countries.

Jules Verne was the eldest son of lawyer Pierre Verne ,leading its origin from the olive family lawyers, who had his law office and assumed that eventually the son will inherit his business. The writer's mother, Sophie Allotte La Fuye, was descended from an ancient family of ship-owners and shipbuilders. Jules Verne was the first child of five. After him were born: brother Paul and three sisters: Anna, Mathilde and Marie.

Romance of the port city led to the fact that 11 years old Jules almost escaped to India, he wanted to be a cabin boy on the schooner "Coralie", but in time has stopped. Already a famous writer he admitted, "I must be born a sailor and now every day I regret that a Maritime career is not had my share of childhood".

All life Jules Verne loved to travel and he was visited England, Scotland, and Scandinavia, United States, travelled the Mediterranean sea and visited Italy, Algeria, Malta, all these trips have each time altered the Outlook of the writer and gave him the inspiration to write great works.

In 1848 in France there were events that pushed many people to fight for social justice. Jules Verne was one of these people; exactly the atmosphere of those events prompted him to compose such great works as “Captain Nemo”.

Jules Verne "are usually considered only at the sky youth, but in reality he is the mastermind behind many scientific pursuit" – said the French academician Georges Claude. My opinion is same.

Heroes of Jules Verne fanned by the winds of wandering. Overcoming the enormous distances, they tend to gain time. The achievement of unprecedented speed requires improved means of transportation. Jules Verne "perfected" all types of transport, from ground to interplanetary imaginary.

The heroes of "Extraordinary journeys" create a high-speed car, underwater and aerial vehicles, exploring the volcanoes and the depths of the seas, penetrate into the inaccessible wilds, discover new lands, erasing geographic maps last white spots. Jules Verne has left an indelible mark not only in the history of literature, but also in the history of scientific thought. Prominent scientists, inventors, travelers remembered with gratitude that youthful fascination with the Jules Verne helped them find a vocation. These were: K. E. Tsiolkovsky, academician V. A. Obruchev, the designers of submarines the American Simon lake and the French engineer LeBoeuf, one of the first designers of airships by Alberto Santos Dumont, the Italian inventor of the radio Marconi and others. This list can be lengthened and other nice names.

Many Russian scientists were fond of Jules Verne, not only in youth, but has kept the love for him until the end of life.

All works of Jule Verne has done not in vain, he really foresaw some of the events and discoveries and even had the talent to predict the future. One should note here that he really foresaw many great discoveries : the electric chair, large submarines capable of long-term sailing ("20,000 leagues under the sea"), Airplane ("the Lord of the world"), Helicopter ("Robur the Conqueror"), spaceships, and manned space flights, including to the moon ("From the earth to the moon"). Verne accurately described the size of the missiles, the exact launch site (Florida), and even a crew of 3 men, as it was subsequently in the program of NASA, the tower in the center of Europe (before the construction of the Eiffel tower) — description is very similar and many others.

I wanted to say that Jules Verne was indeed a talented man who turned other people's minds and continues to do so to this day.


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