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You can treat the action movies of the 1990s as you like, but it seems that the audience, critics and even art critics agreed unanimously on one thing: Wachowski's" matrix " is much more than a movie, it is a philosophy, a model of the world, an elegant attempt to explain the contradictions of the Universe in the most unusual way. Against this background, other action films fade, but only until they are taken up tightly and thoroughly- then even the most straightforward carnage can appear before the public in a new light.

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Jules Verne was a French geographer and writer, a classic of adventure literature, one of the founders of science fiction, and a member of the French Geographical society.

Jules Verne was born 8 February 1828 in the ancient city of Nantes, located on the banks of the Loire. This is one of the largest ports of France, where ocean-going sailing vessels made voyages to the distant shores of different countries.

Jules Verne was the eldest son of lawyer Pierre Verne ,leading its origin from the olive family lawyers, who had his law office and assumed that eventually the son will inherit his business. The writer's mother, Sophie Allotte La Fuye, was descended from an ancient family of ship-owners and shipbuilders. Jules Verne was the first child of five. After him were born: brother Paul and three sisters: Anna, Mathilde and Marie.

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  1. I enjoy cooking because it keeps me happy in my life.
  2. Now, I am preparing come ingredients for a lemon pie.
  3. I started cooking when I was 6, but it was as simple as putting ham and cheese between 2 slices of bread.
  4. As far as I remember, I was putting mayonnaise and ketchup between slices when my mom was at work.
  5. I hope, when I grow up my knowledge of food will grow to new results.
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The twentieth century was in many ways revolutionary in the history of cosmology. In fact, it can be argued that cosmology as a science in its empirical sense was born during this time: the advances in the field of astronomy allowed scientists to gain observational data that came to play a crucial role in the development of the discipline. The twentieth century also was a period of scientific controversy, a struggle between two cosmological concepts, namely the Big Bang and the Steady State theories. In this essay I shall explain why the Steady State theory of cosmos came about by investigating the context in which it was developed. I shall illustrate that the theory was in a sense the result of the developments in cosmology in the first half of the century, while at the same time it can be seen as a reaction to those changes.

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Folklore under various names has been with us ever since man began to take an objective look at his culture. What distinctions can be pointed out between folklore and the formal culture of people? How and in what situations does folklore manifest itself? Can you specify different types of foklore?

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