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 It is common knowledge that the most popular and widespread transport  is car. Is it as perfect as we think? Let's find out. 23

In my opinion, cars are very useful  for people. Firstly, they help cottagers  to move heavy bags from countries to flats. Everyone knows there are usually many bags with fruits, vegetables, and other things. Usually cottagers are old people, so cars are necessary for them. Secondly, cars are helpful for unhealthy people. If a person lives far from civilization and he is ill car is the quickest and the most convenient transport. Only special cases need helicopters. 100

On the other hand, cars has negative aspects.  Firstly, they provide air pollution, which causes destroying the ozon layer. Secondly, it is more dangerous to walk along the streets than a 100 years ago, especially for children.

That may be true but we cannot stop the progress. The only thing we can do is using cars as fewer as possible for saving our planet, and be more attentive outdoors.

To conclude, I would like to say it it impossible to imagine our life without cars. The progress is quicker than us,  but we can use bicycles instead.


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