I ever heard quote "home is your heart". I always remember because it keep me in touch with my home. Some people might say home should comfortable. According to housing-magazine, urban people choose live in traditional house because it reminds them about their village. But, Other people who comes from rural community like to live in modern apartment because it reflects their status. As I see that I prefer live in skyscraper building because I love live in big city, crowded and cozy.


The reason is almost modern skyscraper is located in central of huge city. I like being urban people. I can get everything that I want just-in-time. For example, I buy apartment with mediteranian-style. When I decided to choose it, I know how many facilities I get. Swimming pool, cafetaria, mini-market, tennis-court, sport-club, and health-centre, I get it all in one place so I should not go anywhere without trapped in traffic. I hate when stuck on the street and nothing to do, just wait. I say I feel warm and enjoy use all that facilities.

In my apartment I have medium-size-living. I think it is enough because I live alone there. I never confuse about design interior of my living-room, dining-room, and bed-room. Because all of it is already design. I just choose what type of design that I like the most. I choose minimalist-style because I like being simple. I want that design reflects my mind. Every one who comes to my apratment can see what look like I am. I hope also they can enjoy the atmosphere there and feel relax.

Lastly, I think my home there is secure. I know that today especially who live in crowded city many crimes, like robber and murderer. I pay expensive when I buy it. So, I hope the security as well as the price. And as I see, I feel comfort with this apartment because I get my own-parking-area and free-service. I also get cctv in my room. It all features makes me feel safe.

In conclusion, I prefer to live in apartment building. They offer me complete facilities from sport-center, health-center, safety place and privateness.


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