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 It is common knowledge that the most popular and widespread transport  is car. Is it as perfect as we think? Let's find out. 23

In my opinion, cars are very useful  for people. Firstly, they help cottagers  to move heavy bags from countries to flats. Everyone knows there are usually many bags with fruits, vegetables, and other things. Usually cottagers are old people, so cars are necessary for them. Secondly, cars are helpful for unhealthy people.


Others may ask how you define success. This is more difficult. Success is relative; not everybody wants to put together a four-billion-dollar conglomerate, or become President of the United States, or win the Nobel Peace Prize. It is usually a mistake to begin with such grandiose ambitions, which tend to degenerate into lazy daydreams. The best way to succeed is to begin with a reasonably realistic goal and attain it,  rather than aiming at something so far beyond, your reach that you' are bound to fail It is also important to make a habit of succeeding, and the easiest way to start is to succeed at something, however small,  every day,  gradually increasing the level of your ambitions and achievements like a runner in training, who begins with short distances and works up to Olympic levels.


Noise effects in several different ways.

Hearing damage is the most well-known effect.

Noise influence task performance, mental or physical state, we sleep badly.

 Such occupations are exposure by noise: construction, heavy industry, flying, printing, mechanized farming and truck driving.


I ever heard quote "home is your heart". I always remember because it keep me in touch with my home. Some people might say home should comfortable. According to housing-magazine, urban people choose live in traditional house because it reminds them about their village. But, Other people who comes from rural community like to live in modern apartment because it reflects their status. As I see that I prefer live in skyscraper building because I love live in big city, crowded and cozy.


Friends are an important part of life and there is scarcely a person without friends at all. Most people have more than one friend but still stick to a small group of people with whom they are very close. The question is what are the most valuable characteristics in friends? What makes them differ from acquaintancies? What makes them so important to us?

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